Texas Department of Emergency Management

In March of 2021, the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) desperately needed nitrile gloves, like all government agencies. The market was plagued with a lack of inventory and counterfeit products that were a major risk if used in medical settings. To fulfill the needs of America’s second-largest State, TDEM needed large volumes of nitrile gloves quickly. TDEM had issued other purchase orders to fill their need, but other vendors could not deliver due to lack of access or insufficient due diligence.


As part of a JV partnership with the prime contractor, we delivered approximately 100,000,000 gloves in four weeks. The team personally inspected each shipment across the country before delivery to the State, ensuring the highest quality control standards. Our efforts resulted in Texas reaching a healthy inventory position to fill its communities’ needs and build a stockpile for future demand spikes.

"The team did not cut corners and had a thorough quality control procedures to ensure I got a pure and legitimate product."

Unit Chief, Disaster Finance, Texas Division of Emergency Management


State of Rhode Island


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