State of Rhode Island

The State of Rhode Island awarded us a contract in February of 2022 to deliver 1,200,000 Covid-19 tests within three weeks. At that time, nearly all state and federal agencies were competing against each other for access to limited supplies. Foresight rose to the challenge – the first shipment was delivered two days from getting the order. These critical tests were being distributed to communities across the State, many of which English was not their first language. Careful planning by the State went into translating the instructions to provide equitable access to testing.


The test kits were delivered in full and on-time, and Foresight Supply provided around-the-clock availability to the State of Rhode Island.

"Aqueduct [Foresight Supply] representatives Robyn Shapiro and Michael Goldberg communicated with the State team daily, anticipated potential problems with delivery and provided viable alternatives for our consideration. Aqueduct [Foresight Supply] was a strong partner with the State during the Omicron variant surge."

Chief Administrator Officer, the Rhode Island Department of Health


Texas Department of Emergency Management


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